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Summer E-Newsletter 2020

A Sad Goodbye

It is with deep sadness that we let our community know Isabel, the matriarch of the children’s home, Hogar Semillas de Jesus, that Project Left Behind supports, lost her battle to cancer in late February.  Danielle, the founder of NuttZo, was able to see her in her home two weeks before her passing. Isabel’s daughter, Rosi, has agreed to step into her mother’s important role and continue to run the children’s home.

Now more than ever, we need your support!

The Current COVID-19 Situation in Peru 

As of July 1, 2020, the state of emergency is now over, and phase 3 of reopening is in effect. As of July 1, people may walk around the streets, wearing masks and maintaining distance.

The first case of COVID-19 in Peru was reported in March 2020. According to the latest reporting, there are 282,365 cases in Peru, as of July 1, 2020. This puts Peru at the #6 position of the most cases worldwide, despite strong measures for social distancing very early on.

Schools remain closed which is impacting the children we support…

Donate today and help us reach this milestone by the end of 2019!!

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Hogar Semillas De Jesus 


Education has always been our main concern with these children. They come from homes where the native language, Quechua, is spoken. Their experience in school has always been challenging because lessons are taught in Spanish. Pre-Covid, Project Left Behind has been helping provide the children with tutors to help them ‘catch up’.

Similar to the United States, Peru experienced a shut down in March with schools moving their classes online. This created an enormous challenge for the children at Hogar Semillas de Jesus with many moving back into the remote mountains with their families- forced to stop their education.

Hogar Semillas de Jesus has been trying to help these children who chose to stay with their families in the mountains. They are buying cell phones and trying to help them with internet service, but it is very difficult.

Recently, the home evaluated the progress of the children´s studies and can see that there are children who are falling severely behind. Rosi brought some of the children to the home to stay so she can follow their progress and help with their struggles.

They will have 11 children at the children’s home by the end of July.

The remaining children will be staying with their families in the remote mountains. For safety, logistical and budget reasons they cannot have more children at the home at this time.

A Note From Rosi

“Living and working with children is rewarding; however, having them locked up 7 days a week and throughout the day, honestly doesn’t give us much of a rest. Children need to run, play, shout, have fun, and with the current situation they need to stay in the house. So we have to keep an eye on them, be there for them more than ever and attend to their small and big problems—make sure they all have what they need, that they respect each other, check that they don’t fall asleep with the lights on or leave the taps open after they brush their teeth before bed, and so on…All that and the administration and logistic tasks and to provide for the demands of my own family.

It is being a tutor, teacher, nurse, administrator, basically the role of a mother; So, I must see the balance and evaluate how many children it is really possible to attend in these months, without neglecting them and without neglecting my own emotional and physical health, especially these times when circumstances force us to take care of ourselves even more, and take care of the children more because these are precious lives that God gives us with a purpose.

I continue to thank Project Left Behind infinitely for all the support on behalf of the entire family of the Home and on behalf of my mother whom I greatly miss, but I know is in the good grace of God.”

Kind regards

Why Your Support Is Needed Now, More Than Ever

As restrictions are lifted, the challenges Rosi will face over the coming months are certain to be very exhausting and overwhelming for her. It’s imperative we help her secure the services she will need: tutors, therapists, kitchen help, accounting services, internet, medical needs, and more.

Our goal is to raise $10,000 before the end of the year to meet these needs. Will you help us?


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Hyderabad, India Update

Tender Loving Care Home (TLC) – Home For Orphaned Teen Girls

India is the 5th most impacted country of the Covid-19 pandemic. The schools continue to remain closed at this time. The girls that Project Left Behind supports are currently safe and eager to continue their education.

If you would like to sponsor one of the girls’ college tuitions, please email us at

You can also support the children of Project Left Behind by doing your shopping on and designating Project Left Behind as your non-profit of choice. 

Thanks to our for-profit partner, NuttZo, 100% of every single donation goes directly to supporting orphaned and disadvantaged children around the world.


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