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Please meet Gisela Hauser: PLB’s Supporter Spotlight!

Every so often, PLB reaches out to some of their most loyal followers. We love to get to know the individuals who are actively involved in PLB’s mission of supporting orphaned and neglected children around the world. This Supporter Spotlight is dedicated to Gisela!

PLB: Hello Gisela! Let’s start with where you call home?

Gisela: North County – California born and raised.

PLB: How do you spend your time?

Gisela: Reading, meditation, listening to music and spiritual services.

PLB: Sounds lovely. How long have you been involved with Project Left Behind?

Gisela: Since the beginning of the year – around March 2016.

PLB: What is the one thing you would have to take with you on an island to survive?

Gisela: Mary’s Gluten Free Cracker and Sprouts brand hummus.

PLB: Who is one person that inspires you and why?

Gisela: Sri Michael Edward Owens – His unconditional love for humanity. All of his written published works of spiritual study and wisdom feeds my soul. Inspires me to serve humanity more and more.

PLB: Wonderful. Do you have a favorite or funniest travel story you can share with us?

Gisela: Favorite travel story from my 7th grade summer trip with my sister and father went six weeks to Germany to meet and visit all of my immediate relatives that reside in the old country. One of the “family reunion” gatherings a whole pig was cooked in the ground – my aunt was chewing on one of the ears.

PLB: That would surely leave an impression on a young lady from Southern California! You support Project Left Behind because…

Gisela: I LOVE what PLB “stands” for – we are all brothers and sisters on this journey and NO ONE is to ever be left behind – no matter what.

PLB: We couldn’t agree with you more of course. If you could choose to have dinner with anyone (living or deceased) who would it be and why?

Gisela: Dalhi Lama – He is just so humble and glows with light energy along with a sense of humor and an amazing smile!

PLB: Tell us who has inspired you and why.

Gisela: Anyone who loves/gives/shares what they have with others in need.

PLB: Share with us something we would never guess about you if we didn’t know you well.

Gisela: I like to gracefully dance in my meditation room with eyes closed feeling the music to my core with the smell of incense taking me to far away places.

That description makes me want to transform my office into a meditation room.  Thank you so much Gisela. It’s been a pleasure getting to know you a little better. On behalf of all the children you help, PLB APPRECIATES YOU!

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