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Aishworya, Nepal

From 2010-2017, PLB and Nuttzo supported Aishworya, a children’s home in Nepal with about 50 children. The stories we heard about how each child had arrived on Aishworya’s doorstep were so varied. Some were from loving but deeply impoverished homes. Others had endured homelessness, hunger and/or abandonment. Others were orphaned, and still others were rescued from life and soul-threatening human trafficking scenarios. Regardless of their origin stories, PLB’s fundraising efforts were targeted to provide what every child on the planet deserves: a safe home, community, kindness, academic education, and basic life skills training.

Tender Loving Care, India

From 2014 to 2018, PLB and Nuttzo supported the work of Tender Loving Care Home (TLC) in Hyderabad, India, a home for girls who were orphaned or abandoned by their families. We provided funds for education, room & board, and drinking water for these lovely young women. Also, with the help of our donors, we purchased a sturdy van to transport the girls to school. Having safe transportation is especially important in this environment, where kidnapping of women for sex trafficking and slavery is all too common. We also provided funds to fix up the home, which was in serious disrepair, with an unsafe electrical wiring system and an exterior that had been damaged over the course of many monsoon seasons.

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