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Winter E-Newsletter 2016

Note from the Director

Dear Project Left Behind Supporter,

What a year it has been for Project Left Behind! We picked up steam by adding a dedicated person (yours truly) to the mission as well as a new board member. The 2017 ESCAPE voluntour trip to Peru was full in just two hours after registration opened. To say we are closing the year strong and looking forward to 2017 is an understatement. We are thrilled our partnership with NuttZo is strengthening. But I’m saving the best for last, and that is what we accomplished for the children living without their parents in different corners of the globe. We will be supporting the same three orphanages in 2017 with the hopes of the number growing in 2018. THANK YOU to all who are reading this. Whether you donate, send us loving thoughts, travel with us to volunteer, or spread the word of the work we do, YOU, yes YOU make a difference.

Thank you and Happy Holidays,


Anna Maria Maybury
Director of Project Left Behind for NuttZo




Aishworya Children’s Home, Kathmandu Nepal

Pramila Ghimire, assistant director of Aishworya in Nepal, reports that the 50 children who live there —ranging from 3 to 16 — are very well mannered and in a good health. All the children attend school, speak very good English and are helpful to one another. Pramila says it’s very much like a normal family, as the children call Aishworya “home,” and create art, sing and dance, among other things. Read more HERE.

Tender Loving Care Orphanage, Hyderabad India

The girls of TLC in Country — who range from 7 to 15 — are studying hard for their exams. Like many of their U.S. counterparts, they are anxiously awaiting the holiday break. We recently had a video chat with the delightful girls and learned they enjoy painting, dancing and going to school. Read more HERE.

Hogar Semillas de Jesus, Urubamba Peruar

In 2016, we started supporting Semillas de Jesus, an orphanage in Peru, at a new level. Project Left Behind paid for key staff members in the second half of 2016 and is committed to doing so for all of 2017. This includes a school tutor, a social worker, a cook, and housecleaner. Ream more HERE.


Pramila Ghimire, assistant director of Aishworya Children’s Home in Kathmandu, Nepal, has been there since it was established in 2005. In fact, her mother started the home. Pramila wears many hats at this orphanage, including looking after the children, handling administration, and taking care of any emergency needs. And, she recruits and looks after volunteers, working hard to match their skills, talents, and desires with specific duties.  Read more about Pramila HERE.





Meet The Crafts

Every so often, PLB reaches out to some of their most loyal followers. We love to get to know the individuals who are actively involved in PLB’s mission of supporting orphaned and neglected children around the world. This Supporter Spotlight is dedicated to the ever creative and hilarious Hilary and Ryan Craft!  Read their interview HERE.




Donate Now to one of the three special projects at TLC Orphanage 

Imagine stepping out of the compound gates fearful of being approached by sex traffickers. Imagine living without a forever family.  Imagine not knowing your own self-worth. These are just a few of the issues the girls of Tender Loving Care, an orphanage in Hyderabad, India, deal with day in and day out.

Danielle Livolsi, Project Left Behind’s co-founder, set out to meet these girls when she was made aware of their existence in 2014. She found inspiring young ladies, and caretakers who had hearts of gold. But she also found dilapidated living conditions and a budget crisis that could potentially keep these girls from their one way out: education. So, for the past two years, Project Left Behind has donated funds so the girls can stay in school. Most of these funds come from PLB’s for-profit partner, NuttZo.

In 2017, PLB will be responsible for the purchase of clean drinking water as well as the room/board and education tuition for half the girls. But more is needed.

The building is not prepared for the upcoming monsoon season and they do not have reliable transportation that keeps the girls safe from sex trafficking as they travel to and from school. Plus, the electrical wiring in the kitchen is dangerous.

Therefore, PLB has launched a holiday fundraising drive for these three special projects! By donating to a cause that speaks to you, 100% of your gift will go directly to the project you specify. That’s because Project Left Behind has NO overhead; the organization is run by its volunteer Board of Directors and the staff of NuttZo.

Please consider an end-of-year donation to these young ladies. Have someone on your holiday shopping list with a giving heart? Consider a donation in their name. And every donor will receive a free e-cookbook from NuttZo!

Thank you and happy holidays from the Project Left Behind and NuttZo family to yours!

UPDATE: The $1,500 needed to fund the electrical wiring project has been raised! Thanks to a very generous donation by Michael Manos, along with many others, this very important work is being completed.

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Project Left Behind has been on a steady climb financially. Each year, our individual donations increase, along with the yearly contribution made by NuttZo, PLB’s sponsor. In 2016 to date, we have raised $12,500 from individual donations and NuttZo donated $15,000. With a total of $27,500 to spend, we paid out $27,500 — with 100% of the donations going directly to the three orphanages PLB helps support. Since PLB’s inception in 2011, we have raised and donated $234,600, and the lives of orphaned and neglected children have improved!

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