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Fall E-Newsletter 2017

Wow, is the only word I can muster when I reflect on the last three months. Project Left Behind (PLB) has been overwhelmed with support and gratitude as we’ve embarked on new endeavors in support of our goal to help children in need.

Firstly, Project Left Behind hosted its first-ever fundraising event in support of our annual humanitarian trip. Being a small but mighty non-profit, our passion-led volunteers jumped in to plan this dinner at a Peruvian restaurant in Del Mar, Ca. Hours upon hours were put in by these individuals. And the outcome? One very successful and fun event that we are certain to replicate in the future

Weeks later, Project Left Behind and NuttZo led a group of 18 women, mostly volunteers, on  our 2017 “Voluntour’ trip to Peru. These women gave, worked, listened with an open mind, they shared in tears of joy and sorrow. In return, they forged new friendships, saw new sights, and went home with very full hearts.

It never ceases to give me chills when I see people pour their hearts into helping those who are less fortunate and struggling in this world. I had the opportunity to feel those chills multiple times over the last few months as I bore witness to PLB’s good work and the positive impact it is having on children who are struggling in this world.

Thank you for reading our newsletter to hear more about what Project Left Behind has been up to!


Anna Maria Maybury
Director of Project Left Behind for NuttZo




Aishworya Children’s Home, Kathmandu Nepal

PLB recently returned from their annual visit and volunteering trip to this home for children. The smiles on those little faces says it all. It speaks to the overwhelming love and amazing work this home does.

During our visit, PLB had a long talk with Isabel and Rosi, the caretakers, about how they are doing. We shed a few tears, held hands, and laughed during this heartfelt meeting. Because they are so grateful for PLB’s support, it took them a while to open up and tell us how Isabel’s health has affected their financial situation. Isabel was using her own income to fund parts of their overall budget. Now that her work as a teacher has been dramatically cut back due to her cancer treatments, they let us know they needed some help buying food.

It took all of a second for PLB to commit to adding a food budget to the support of the home. Project Left Behind is now committed to donating $15,600 per year to the home. This covers a social worker, school tutor, school tuition for two of the children, maintenance needs, household supplies, food, a house cleaner and a cook.

The school tuition is for the two oldest boys living in the home. They are on track to go to college! This will be a first for Semillas de Jesus. Isabel and Rosi will keep us updated on their higher education needs. Their eyes lit up when we mentioned how wonderful it would be if PLB could help sponsor international studies for the boys.

Aishworya Children’s Home, Kathmandu Nepal

A day in the life….
There are around 45 children living at the Aishworya Children’s Home and in May they began another year of school! All the children wake up Sunday morning eager to start their week. The children get very excited about learning English, it gives them a sense of pride. In fact, most schools are English-speaking and are only around a 20-minute walk from the home. The children especially enjoy communicating with the volunteers at the home, who mostly speak in English. The volunteers make the children food from their countries of origin and the children’s’ faces light up when they can communicate with the volunteers about what they make. The students are also interested in learning more about computers in school, which have become more modernized and technologically driven.

While the children are not attending school they enjoy dancing, badminton, and other various sports such as football and basketball. The community understands that extracurricular activities are an important part of development therefore these activities are heavily supported. The children also take care of their home duties as well. At home the children are a team. They help in the kitchen, make their beds, and help in the garden. There is a sense of unity and everyone has a task. They all enjoy coming together and taking care of their home. The children are off to a great start and are excited about all they will learn this year!

Tender Loving Care Orphanage, Hyderabad India

Recently, we had the privilege of video-chatting with Sister Thangam, the caretaker, and the young ladies at the Tender Loving Care Orphanage. When Sister Thangam answered, 15 eager girls ran into the room so that they could be seen on the screen. The smaller girls stood in front of others to ensure that their faces could be seen too. It was the first time our new intern had the chance to meet them, so each girl went around the room and introduced herself.

As they each repeated their name and grade, a few faces lit up and, too excited to contain it, blurted out that they had just completed 10th grade and were now moving on to university! Because of their academic success, the other girls at the Tender Loving Care Orphanage are more excited than ever about their studies. After each girl spoke for a little, getting her few moments in the spotlight, she would end the conversation with a smile that showed all her teeth and a polite “thank you”. And as they thanked us we wanted to thank them for making the work we do so completely worth it.


At the end of last year we launched three fundraising campaigns for special projects Tender Loving Care Orphanage needed. The first project to fix dangerous electrical wiring was funded and the work completed. The second project to repair and paint the building has also been funded and the work has been completed. There were nine donors that made this possible and we THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts!  Please read about the third and final special project below.




TLC Fundraising Campaign – SUCCESS!

What good is an education if you cannot safely get to school?

Well now they CAN arrive safely!!

$18,000 has been donated to buy the girls of Tender Loving Care orphanage in Hyderabad, India safe and reliable transportation.  We are overwhelmed by the generosity we have seen by PLB supporters!

The orphanage shares a broken down RV with a convent and only a maximum of five girls can be transported at a time. Public transportation without a chaperon is not an option because these girls are at extremely high risk for sex trafficking. The caretakers at the Tender Loving Care Orphanage are fearful about the girls walking or taking public buses to school. When speaking with the caretaker Sister Thangam, she said, “This is scary, they are just growing girls and anyone could mislead them if you send them alone”. This fear has led the caretakers to move some of the girls to boarding home near the school so that they do not have to worry as much about the journey from the orphanage.

Getting this van means moving the girls back home and getting them to school safely. And not just that, over the summer the girls attend summer camp. This van will be used for the girls to safely go to and from camp as well as other important extracurricular activities! Project Left Behind is the only organization offering relief to this orphanage. Because of this, they are dependent on the work that we do. We were halfway to our goal as of yesterday.

TODAY a donor stepped in to get this done.  We are thrilled, humbled, and ready to buy a van! 

Project Left Behind is excited to announce our new donation option!

Now you have the option to choose a recurring monthly, quarterly donation or yearly donation. We are hoping these new options cater to a wider variety and that PLB supporters feel more comfortable donating in ways that fit their lifestyle best!

Just $50 a month is enough to feed, house, educate, and keep a child healthy! Setup is as easy as following this link!

[zilla_button url=”” style=”light-blue” size=”medium” type=”round” target=”_blank”] Donate [/zilla_button]



Thirty filled suitcases were donated to four organizations in need. Eighteen women rolled up their sleeves and cleaned, sanded, painted, cooked and gardened for two straight days. We didn’t stop moving. But even more happened. A Peruvian Sisterhood as told by PLB volunteer Kelly Corbet. Read her essay HERE.



Every now and then we have the opportunity to get to know a Project Left Behind supporter better. We had the pleasure of interviewing Diana Adams recently. We hope you enjoy getting to know her as much as we did!

PLB: Where do you call home?

DA: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

PLB: How do you spend your time?

DA: I own a property management company which keeps me busy. I also do yoga.

Read more by clicking HERE.

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