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Winter E-Newsletter 2017


As the year winds down, I’m reflecting on all Project Left Behind has accomplished. I’m filled with gratitude for the new friends and the life-changing impacts we have made.

Our year began with special projects requested from Tender Loving Care orphanage in Hyderabad, India. They needed essential repairs to their building as well as transportation to keep the girls safe and we are filled with joy to have helped. Our fundraiser raised the $23,000 needed and the girls are safe and sound.

We took our largest group of volunteers yet to Peru to visit Hogar Semillas de Jesus. Our passionate volunteers brought more than 30 suitcases full of items that were donated to three different causes. $36,000 was raised to support the home for children as well. We held our first fundraising dinner in anticipation of the Peru trip and it was so well received, we plan on doing it again in 2018!

We also employed our very first intern in 2017. It was a wonderful experience for all involved…not to mention a big help to our small but mighty organization!

Towards the end of the year, Project Left Behind was awarded a donation from the Sprouts Whole Food Markets Healthy Living Hero program.

It’s been a wonderful year and we have lots to celebrate. THANK YOU for being a part of our community! 


Anna Maria Maybury
Director of Project Left Behind for NuttZo




Aishworya Children’s Home, Kathmandu Nepal

Recently the children participated in a fun-filled, three-day learning seminar called Smart Course. Led by Mr. Bidhur Phuyal, the class is designed to teach positive thinking, practical learning and understanding. The children engaged in techniques and exercises to reinforce these abstract ideas. They also heard motivational stories. Director Pramila said that even the adults benefited from this course. They felt very lucky to be able to receive the training.

“The children are learning to open up to their feelings and to feel confident. This course was one of the best experiences we have had.”

Celebrating national holidays is a special part of life at Aishworya Children’s home. The holiday of Diwali is a festival of lights. The lights signify victory: The victory of light over darkness, good over evil, knowledge over ignorance, and hope over despair. The celebration includes millions of lights shining on housetops, outside doors and windows, around temples and other buildings in the communities and countries where it is observed. Aishworya recognizes the importance of including the children in these very special holidays and traditions that are normally celebrated within a family unit.

Tender Loving Care Orphanage, Hyderabad India









When Sister Thangam, the primary caretaker of the young girls living at TLC orphanage, told us that they are struggling to get the girls to school safely, our jaws dropped. What good is an education if you can’t arrive to class safely?!

This transportation is not just a means to get to school — it is literally keeping the girls protected from human and sex traffickers looking to prey on vulnerable people.

Without a doubt, PLB was going to help them buy a van to get the girls to school and extracurricular activities without subjecting them to predators. Our fundraising began and many in our PLB family chipped in. Then, in September, a donor decided it was time to wrap up this campaign and gave the last of what we needed to reach our $18,000 goal. We celebrated and the van was literally ordered the next day! May these girls who will soon be women always feel safe and be given the same opportunities that so many of us never realized were not given to all.

 Semillas de Jesus, Urubamba Peruar

It’s the rainy season in the valley of Peru where these children reside but that doesn’t stop the smiles. Wind was causing rain water to enter the bedrooms of the children. Caretakers, Rosi and Isabel, were quick to react and contacted us to see if we could support them in building a roof overhang to keep the rain from entering. We are happy to report the children’s rooms are now dry. Many of the children living at Hogar Semillas de Jesus have families that live in poverty far from schools. The children therefore live at the children’s home during the week to attend school. But as many of the children return to turmoil every weekend, Isabel and Rosi are committed to supporting the families of these children too.

Therefore, we are currently raising money to help with the cleanup and repair of one of the family’s homes.

Having a safe and clean place to lay their heads during the weekends will allow the children to focus on the special time they have with their family.


If you are thinking about making end of the year gift to a nonprofit, please consider donating to Project Left Behind.

PLB stands out from other nonprofits in several ways. First, our for-profit partner, NuttZo, covers all administrative expenses so every single dollar you donate goes directly to supporting the children. With PLB, you have a choice in where your money goes. We give our donors the option of choosing which project they support. Being a small, grassroots nonprofit, we keep you abreast of all our work so you can see with your own eyes how your dollars are enhancing the lives of neglected and orphaned children. This holiday season, we invite you to “skip the gift” and donate on someone’s behalf, or invite your friends and family to donate to PLB in your name.

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When our for-profit partner NuttZo does well, Project Left Behind benefits. That is why we are excited to spread the word that they have come out with a delicious and healthy snack bar, Bold Bitez.

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Project Left Behind has seen a steady growth in support since its inception, and that trend has continued through 2017.

Each year, our individual donations increase, giving stability to the homes that care for the children as well as increased services. In 2017 to date, we have raised $70,500 from individual donations, and NuttZo donated $15,000. With a total of $85,500 to invest in the children’s homes, we donated over $65,000. The remaining $19,500 is earmarked for support in 2018.

100% of the funds donated go directly to the three homes PLB helps support. 

$14,275  Education and supplies

$9,200    Housing

$9,000    Food and Water

$9,000    Personnel Services (Social Worker, Cook, Cleaner)

$900       Electricity

$23,000  Special Projects (Transportation and building maintenance)

Since PLB’s inception in 2011, we have raised and donated $305,100, and the lives of orphaned and neglected children have greatly improved as a result!

Thank you for reading. Best wishes for a happy and healthy 2018 to everyone in our mighty PLB family.

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