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I wanted to provide a brief introduction to the four children that Project Left Behind is sponsoring for an entire year.  The Mercy Centre is located in Thailand and supports orphaned and destitute children living in the slums.  As Sr Chantavarodom of the Mercy Centre states, ‘Most of our children have suffered great pain, loss and rejection before we found them, often since early infancy.  Above all else, we hope to give them each back the gift of just being a child….Our work here in the slums is ongoing.  There are always more children to care for, educate, and love forever.’  Project Left Behind is happy to support such a great organization.

Prarod is a 12 yr old boy whose nickname is Tank.  He is described as a survivor.  He is always active and loves to go to school.  He will be attending the 3rd grade next semester. 

Prakit is a 9yr old boy who was abandoned as a baby.  He is described as a happy and chatty child.  He will be attending 2nd grade next semester. 

Surasit is a 9yr old boy who is smiley and energetic.  He was abandoned by his father and his mother is an imprisoned addict.  He will be attending 2nd grade next semester.

Saran is a 10yr old boy whose nickname is Ice.  He is cheerful and gets along well with others.  He will be attending 3rd grade next semester. 

We are proud to partner with the Mercy Centre and to sponsor these four children.  We wish the boys all the best in their schooling and thank the Mercy Centre for their ongoing mission.


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