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Meet Pramila, the Caregiver of Aishworya Children’s Home in Nepal

Pramila Ghimire, assistant director of Aishworya Children’s Home in Kathmandu, Nepal, has been there since it was established in 2005. In fact, her mother started the home. Pramila wears many hats at this orphanage, including looking after the children, handling administration, and taking care of any emergency needs. And, she recruits and looks after volunteers, working hard to match their skills, talents, and desires with specific duties.

Pramila also does field work, which includes trying to find relatives of the children and spreading awareness in remote villages of the importance of sending children to school. Plus, she counsels parents and does her best to help the children reunite with their families when it’s safe.

Last month, Pramila worked on a health campaign. She traveled to remote villages to give vaccinations and vitamins to children who were not born in hospitals and don’t have access to preventive medicine. What a fabulous gift!

Pramila was blessed to be born into a family that could afford to send her to a very good school. She has her bachelor’s degree in social work. She’s been married for 10 years to a fellow civil servant, and they have a 5-year-old son. She says she’s able to do the work of caring for the underprivileged because she has the support of her husband, parents and sister — and she embraces her role as a provider of hope.  Learn more about Aishworya Children’s Home HERE.

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