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May ’23 Newsletter

Greetings PLB Supporters!

We are so happy to introduce 10 new students to Hogar Semillas! Most of them speak Quechua, so they’ll be diving into a Spanish immersion experience in order to tackle their other school subjects, as well as adapt to life in a bigger town away from their parents. We are excited to see them blossom into their best selves in the supportive environment of the home.

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Meet Luz Mery and María Angélica

Luz Mery (left, aged 9) and Maria Angelica (right, aged 6).

Before she arrived at the home, Luz  walked an hour each way to school in the small isolated community of Yanamayo. Not only was the walk grueling, but she experienced bullying at school due to her smaller size compared with other girls, an experience that “has hurt her self-esteem and keeps her very quiet,” says Rosi, who runs the home. Rosi believes that Luz, a calm and observant child, will thrive in a more supportive educational environment

María is also from Yanamayo. She is an only child who lives with her mother. She is grateful to have an older friend joining her from the same town.

Meet Alexsandra and Nell

Alexsandra (left, aged 6) and Nelly (right, aged 13).

Sisters Alexsandra and Nelly are from a large family in the Yanamayo community, where they had a two-hour walk to school. Their mother is in poor health, and their older brothers did not have the opportunity to continue their studies, as they are supporting their father in the fields. “Nelly is a responsible young girl and very supportive of her little sister,” says Rosi.

Meet Ruth and Flor de María

Ruth (left, aged 9) and Flor de María (right, aged 6).

Ruth and her sister Flor de María are from a community called Espancocha, where their parents work long hours in fields that are too far away from any schools.

Meet Isvenia

Isvenia (center, aged 12) standing with her mom, grandmother, and little sister.

Isvenia is a 12-year-old starting secondary school this year. Since her mother travels far in search of work and to pay for her daughter’s basic needs, it made sense for Isvenia to remain at the home so she can concentrate on her studies. “Her mom is a single woman and tries to do something more for her daughter,” says Rosi, adding that “Isvenia is sweet, delicate and very committed to her studies.”

Meet Herbert, Ergler and Cintya

Hebert, Edgler and Cintya, (13, 10 and 8 years old, from right to left)

Hebert, Edgler, and Cintya came to the home after their previous living arrangement didn’t work out. Their mother, in the center of the photo, had arranged for them to stay with an aunt while she worked in the fields, but the aunt “unfortunately kept them very neglected and on the street,” says Rosi.

“When they first arrived at the home, they looked very sad, especially the oldest, and with a bit of rebellion,” Rosi says. But she adds that they are getting to know the dynamic here, their mother has promised to visit every month, and “they now look very happy, and get along with everyone very well.”

Please donate to help us support the work of Hogar Semillas de Jesus. A safe home and educational support have a huge impact on the lives of these kids.

And now a few words on the four high school grads we support in their career development.

Future mechanic Yordi experienced a health setback: he developed a tumor in this neck, which forced him to take time off school for an operation and treatment. Thankfully, he is on the mend. “His health is getting better each day, says Geraldine, our manager in Peru, “and next week he goes back to his internship in Chinchero.”

Antony, our budding chef, is learning a great deal from the new head chef at his internship.

Emerson, who is studying to be a nurse, stays in Cusco during the week for his classes, and returns to his family home on the weekends to help his parents in the field.

Luis, who is well on his path to becoming an electrician, is currently doing an internship in Urubamba, however he is contemplating switching to a different internship that gives him more hands-on experience in the field.

We are so proud of these young men, and we are also excited to be helping the new students. Thank you for your continued support

Thank you!

Thank you for reading. Thank you for your interest in PLB’s efforts to support this special home in the Andes that serves as a base camp for students to attend school in town.

Without the existence of Hogar Semillas de Jesus, many of these students would not receive an education since they live in such remote mountainous regions.

Please donate to support Hogar Semillas de Jesus. Thank you and wishing you a peaceful holiday season and New Year!!

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