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Inti Wawacuna – Urubamba, Peru

The PLB team met Rita and Norbert in December 2013. We were astounded by their devotion to helping the Peruvian people. The passion, dedication, and love they share for these people is simply amazing!

For 2014, Project Left Behind provided all living expenses for this orphanage, including rent, food, clothing, education, medical, etc.

In June 2014, Norbert turned 60 years old, and funny enough, he and Rita are just getting started. They have big plans for the children of Peru.



In 2002, Rita visited the beautiful Ollantaytambo Inca archaeological site in southern Peru. She was sitting at the top of the majestic site when she had a life-changing vision. She was hit with the overwhelming need to move to Peru with her husband to help make a difference. And that’s exactly what happened.

Rita and Norbert Haase have lived in the higher Andes of the Sacred Valley of the Incas since 2002. During this time they have continuously supported and helped the indigenous children and families while managing a very successful bed and breakfast in the area. Rita and Norbert made monthly trips to the high altitude communities, at more than 13,000 feet, to donate items. They volunteered many hours each year working with the local youth welfare offices, as well as offices for guardianship, to give some of the poorest children a possibility for a brighter future. They continue to keep themselves educated on the numerous international projects situated within the Sacred Valley and are the proud founders of the Inti Wawacuna orphanage.


In 2013, Rita and Norbert founded an orphanage called Inti Wawacuna (Children of the Sun in Quechua). It’s a non-profit organization that’s registered and approved by the Registration Office of Cusco.

They provide a family-style home to the children with a private education and psychological support. This is a unique situation that fosters healthy and happy children faster because they are getting the one-on-one attention they deserve.


Help us continue to help Inti Wawacuna! Please donate today to help us support their daily living expenses. Learn more about current Inti Wawacuna Wasi project needs by clicking on the tabs below.


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

-Danielle Dietz-LiVolsi
Project Left Behind


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