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How COVID-19 is Affecting the Children in Peru

Dear Friends and Supporters,

First, I hope you are well, safe, and have loved ones to lean on during this difficult time.

We are all facing uncertainty right now. Covid-19 is affecting each and every one of us. This is an unprecedented, isolating, and scary time.

The children that Project Left Behind supports have been affected by Covid-19 in ways we can’t fully comprehend.

In Peru, the children have returned to their impoverished rural communities.  Some cannot even get a phone signal let alone an internet connection. Distant learning is not an option for them. They will fall further behind as their more affluent classmates have computer and internet access at home. They have returned to their unbalanced diets that cause anemia and other health issues. Their access to healthcare is even more limited than before.

In Hyderabad India, where we support 22 girls, there is price gouging taking place. A few of the older girls that attend a boarding school cannot travel home. They are frightened.

Project Left Behind is committed to serving these extremely vulnerable children through this pandemic. We are uncovering ways to help immediately, and we are researching what will be needed once the shelter in place orders are lifted. What is certain, is that these children will need extra support.

This extra support will take financial resources.

We know each of you are likely facing financial uncertainty.  So we are only asking for your support during this time if you yourselves are financially stable. If you can give, we urge you to support the children through the new challenges brought on by Covid-19. Your donations will go directly to seeing them through this time and to the new strategies we will put in place to get the children caught up on their studies.

You are in our thoughts and we know we will get through this. Thank you for keeping the world’s most vulnerable in your hearts during this time.

Stay safe and healthy.

Sending much love,

Danielle LiVolsi | Founder & CEO, NuttZo / Co-Founder, PLB
Kevin LiVolsi |  Co-Founder, PLB
Anna Maria Maybury | Director, PLB


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