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Happy New Year!


New Year’s Eve seems an appropriate time to step back and reflect on the previous year.  Throughout 2009 I’ve witnessed some fantastic accomplishments.  My wife began selling NuttZo (an organic omega-3 multi-nut butter) on store shelves midway through the year and business has taken off.  Her product has been featured in Triathlete and Competitor magazines , the Today Show (NBC), and in multiple television and newspaper articles.  She is tremendously successful-and just beginning.  NuttZo is the primary sponsor of Project Left Behind and critical to its success.

My medical device job continues to be very rewarding and enjoyable.  I thoroughly enjoy what I do and realize I am privileged to do it.  In addition, I’m still working part time as a Naval Officer in the reserves.  Professionally, life has been very good thru 2009.

On a personal note, however, 2009 was one of the most challenging in my life.  It was regularly filled with more stress, disappointment, and challenging surprises than I care to recall.  My gray hair has now fully overtaken the brown color that once dominated it.

I do realize that I am blessed to have my life, my family, and my job.  One of the highlights for my wife and I in 2009 was the creation of Project Left Behind.  It has been a longtime goal of ours to finally begin our quest to give back and assist orphans throughout the world.  As I write this today, we are awaiting our 501C3 designation from the IRS and anticipate it sometime in January or February.  We’ll announce it on the website the day its received.  Please take a look at our projects page.  We’re excited to share our experiences with you and will be posting photos in January.  In addition, we will select other projects throughout 2010 and will be sharing them with you.  This truly is just the beginning.  Thank you for sharing our dream.

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