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Happy New Year

Welcome 2012!  I’m expecting another great year both personally and professionally-hope you are too.   We made some important contributions in the lives of a few orphans this year that I wanted to highlight.  In the big picture, it’s not enough and it doesn’t impact nearly enough children.  We’re trying to make a difference and we’re proud of our accomplishments, however small they may be. 

This year, Project Left Behind’s board of directors made a decision to directly support orphanages only.  As you may recall in prior years, we also supported other non-profit organizations that were directly assisting orphans.  We’ve chosen instead to directly support three orphanages this year: Casa Guatemala orphanage in Guatemala, Aishworya orphanage in Nepal, and House of Hope orphanage in Thailand. 

Project Left Behind is providing 500 meals for the orphans at Casa Guatemala.  Although we have some grandiose ideas to assist the orphanage, often simply providing basic necessities such as food, toothpaste and clothing is the most pressing need. 

At the Aishworya orphanage in Nepal, we are providing school shoes for 35 children, as well as purchasing rice and beans for the entire orphanage. 

At the House of Hope orphanage in Thailand, Project Left Behind is sponsoring four children to go to school for a year. 

Danielle has visited each of these orphanages and I went with her to Casa Guatemala.  These children deserve an  opportunity to learn and to thrive.  We’re simply trying to do our part to help them.

 I would like to thank all of you who have donated to Project Left Behind.  As you’ll recall, every penny of donated funds goes directly to purchasing goods for the children.  All overhead costs are provided by Danielle and me.


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