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From the heart…

I am very fortunate.  I come from a wonderful family.  My parents had 8 children.  This year they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.  As far back as I can remember, I always wanted a big family too.  So, I was taken by surprise when I was not able to get pregnant.  My husband and I tried and tried to no avail.  And now, I thank God every day that He did not answer that prayer, because if He did, we would never have our precious son, Jackson.  We adopted our son in March 2010 and it was the most wonderful, life-changing event for both my husband and me.  Adoption opened our eyes to a new, wonderful world we were not aware of and for that, we are forever grateful.

There are millions of children who are waiting to become part of a loving family.  It’s a sad reality that most of these children will grow up living in an orphanage until they turn 16 and then will be “sent out” onto the streets.  I can’t even imagine what that would be like.  It’s so easy to take our lives for granted.  It breaks my heart when I take the time to sit and think about these poor children.  And that’s why I am so grateful to be on the Board of Project Left Behind (PLB).  I know we’re small, but it is so wonderful to know that we are working to help these young kids. To know that PLB was able to put shoes and stockings on thirty-nine children’s feet who live in an orphanage in Nepal and that PLB provided twelve months of school fees, uniforms, basic health care and food for six orphaned children living at the House of Hope in Molo, Africa, makes me so proud.  And knowing that my sister-in-law and brother visit an orphanage every year and put smiles on these kids’ faces, laughter in the air, and food on the table, warms my heart.  As Mother Teresa puts it in one of my favorite quotes, “It’s not how much you give, but how much love you put into giving.”  I know that all of us who either volunteer, donate, pray or do whatever we’re able to, put love into this non-profit.  And to be a part of a group that gives with love for no other reason than because they want to help make a difference in an orphaned child’s life…well, it’s something I cherish and hope that I can keep contributing to.

Teresa Poulos

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