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February ’22 Newsletter

This photo of Geraldine taken in Cusco is kind of perfect because we see her as a bit of an angel. The mural behind her reads: “No dream is too big to fulfill.”


“It is very important for us to know what each student is up against,” said Geraldine.


Meet Geraldine!

Although the pandemic has kept us from our beloved Peru for a while  thankfully, generous donations have allowed us to keep our Country Manager Geraldine Coll employed during these unusual times.

Geraldine, who grew up in the jungle in Peru, and who speaks English, Spanish, Portuguese and a bit of Quechua, has been our eyes and ears on the ground for the last two years.

Last week we chatted with Geraldine via WhatsApp so she could fill us in on her recent visits to the family homes of our teen students.

Geraldine gained many insights during her visits. “In texts they will tell me they are doing fine,” she said, “but seeing them in person I got to dig deep about how they are really doing.”

Geraldine discovered that several parents are dealing with serious health issues, and thus need extra help from their kids to run their farms, where everything is done by hand. These teens are having a tough time balancing their studies with their manual labor workload.

This information is super helpful for us in determining the best ways to support these students going forward.

We are so grateful for the continued support of our donors (that means YOU! 😊) as well as the steady support of our for-profit partner Nuttzo.

Your support helps us support our young students in the Andes.

Remembering Isabel


Two years ago we lost Isabel, Hogar Semillas de Jesus founder. PLB began working with her in 2016, and continues to support her vision.


We are deeply missing another angelic person who will always be dear to our hearts. Hogar Semillas founder Isabel Altamirano Vega de Montalvo passed away two years ago, in February 2020. “She was an amazing person,” says Nuttzo CEO Danielle LiVolsi. “You just felt so much love when you were in her presence.” We are grateful that Isabel’s daughter Rosi is continuing the work her mother started.


Isabel’s daughter Rosi, in center, visits with students who are creating paper mâché hero’s masks.



Covid Update


Vaccines have recently become available for children aged 12 and up, allowing 8 students to receive vaccines. In general, students have remained healthy in recent months. It helps that they have the amazing Andes in their backyard!

Students enjoy the great outdoors in a place called Chajuar, which is not far from the home. Rosi generally takes the kids on a hike every Sunday.


Here, students practice the marinera, a well-known Peruvian couple’s dance that is characterized by the use of handkerchiefs. This dance celebrates the uniquely Peruvian mix of indigenous, Spanish, and African cultures.


Thank you for your continued support of our students.

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