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Aishworya Newsletter January-March 2012

From the first orphanage we visited after starting the Project Left Behind foundation:


January, February & March 2012

This New Year has begun with excitements, new friends, and more helping hands including new volunteers too.


Aishworya had five new volunteers from Denmark who stayed for a month. They were  Mette Nyholm, Mette Paulson, Camilla Nicolaison, Catharina Christiansen and Camilla Ramskov, it was so nice to have them stay!

New Friends

We are also so pleased to tell you about our new lovely friends from the USA, Iris, Kathy Genna, Sophia and Lauren, who are all 14 years old. They did two fundraisers for us and raised a total of 800 dollars, for which we are very grateful! They told us a little about themselves and their fundraising: Iris likes horseback riding, playing tennis and volleyball, and reading; Kathy likes horseback riding, reading, writing, and debating; Genna plays the saxophone and like to read, and Lauren plays the trumpet and likes softball and field hockey.


For the first fundraiser, they went to a soccer field and sold coffee, hot chocolate, and cookies. For the second, they hosted a Halloween party where the kids got to dress up in their costumes, play games, and decorate cookies. It’s lovely to have this connection with America – the children at Aishworya have learned about them as well as benefitted from the fundraiser, and we hope they have enjoyed learning about Nepal and Aishworya too!

      Final School Exam

The children have come to the end of their school for this year 2068 (Nepali Calendar). Having finished their final exam the children were on holiday for almost a month. They found out their results – they have again obtained good marks and now will go ahead to the next class up.  In the holidays the children spent time watching movies, and playing football while the elder kids helped with the cleaning and washing (there is always lots to do with so many kids around!).

Boys cleaning the table on their holidays.       

Visit to the Zoo

The small children were taken for zoo visit by our lovely volunteers. The kids enjoyed their visit: they had a great time and were so happy to see the animals. When we asked the kids about their zoo visit this is what they said:

Paris: I saw a peacock, a monkey, an elephant and so many birds.

Shanjana (kali) : I was so afraid to see the lion, and the elephant is really much bigger then in the television.

Asmita: the monkeys look so funny and one carried me through out the trip.

Thank you

Danielle is an ex-volunteer of Aishworya who has been helping us by providing the school shoes to all our children for the last 2 years. And this year Danielle  has again helped us with not only school shoes for all the children but also helped us to buy rice and school stockings. Thank you Danielle for you kind support, love and care for us.

Danielle with the girls 3 years ago.

We also want to thank our very good friend Raffaella for making a donation of school bags for the children, and Malerei Laiminger from Austria who has again made a donation for school admissions for very necessary stationerary for all the children


Finally, we also celebrated Valentines’ day and Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day is very important as we are very grateful to Aama for all the unceasing hard work she does for us.

We wish happy mother’s day to all the mothers who have an unconditional love for all the children in this world.




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