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About Wiñay Wasi

Why Wiñay Wasi?

When we met Katja in May 2014, Shel and I were immediately seized by her tough exterior and soft interior.  Her story to me is so profound in part because she is in the prime of her life and she decided to give up everything in her homeland to help the less fortunate in Peru.

After a summer biking trip through South America, Katja decided to volunteer as a physical therapist at a local hospital in Peru. She had a physical therapy practice in Switzerland. Katja was astounded to learn just how horrible the physically handicapped people were treated in rural impoverished areas. Many believe being handicapped is a “curse from God” and therefore they’re treated like animals. Many children had their food simply thrown on the floor for them to eat. Katja became so moved by this injustice that she decided to stay in Peru and help these destitute children forge a new future.

Voila! The Wiñay children’s home was born in February 2011 and registered as a charitable organization in Cuzco, Peru.

Wiñay’s Mission Statement: to promote a lifetime of independence for physically disabled and otherwise healthy children from socially disadvantaged families of the Andean villages and rural areas in the region of Cuzco.


The project consists of rehabilitation dorm rooms with integrated home schooling. The children receive physiotherapy, primary education, arts/crafts classes, and musical outlets to expand upon their independence training. They also are responsible for gardening and home chores.


Wiñay was founded in February 2011 and registered as a charitable organization in Cuzco, Peru.


Wiñay Aim and Vision:

Our experience shows that children with disabilities are frequently not reported and registered at birth and therefore do not exist in society. They are often hidden, kept away from training and sometimes their frustrated, drunken parents abuse them. We are committed to offering the physically handicapped children living in our facility a decent life, with the best possible physical rehabilitation and educational and vocational training, so they learn to become self-reliant and independent. Our goal is that they will be able to integrate into a healthy social life that may lead to a future of beneficial possibilities, including transitioning into society for working disadvantaged people.

SELF Sustainability Approach:

Wiñay Wasi is dedicated to ensuring a self-sustaining approach through projects such as owning a bakery, café/restaurant, and/or sales shop with homemade products from agriculture and dairy farming, and selling homemade items at local retails such as herbs, soaps, wooden toys, various crafts, handicrafts, and silver jewelry. This will also help train the children to achieve a proper work ethic, goals, and independence.








  • Vocational College








  • Physical Rehabilitation







  • The ability to learn a variety of activities, such as: arts and crafts (ceramics, wood, painting, drawing, production of silver jewelry, handicrafts)


  • Music and singing


  • Cooking / Baking


  • Gardening

baby bunnies

  • Animal breeding and husbandry


If this project resonates with you and moves you, please help us support Katja and Winay Wasi by donating today HERE.  Remember you can specify which projects you would like to support.





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