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UNICEF is the United Nations Children's Fund.  It is an agency of the United Nations responsible for programs to aid education and the health of children and mothers in developing countries.  As such, it tracks and records statistics about a…

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It’s a quiet Monday evening at my house after a long, enjoyable weekend.  I spent time with my family and friends and simply enjoyed some down time.  As is usually the case, I find my thoughts drifting to the many children that…

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The Greatest Joy

I travel quite a bit for my day job.  I enjoy it-and it’s important.  Of course, the downside is being away from my family too often.  However, upon my return, I absolutely love walking in and greeting my family.  My 7 year old runs…

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Happy New Year!

A LOOK BACK AT 2009 New Year’s Eve seems an appropriate time to step back and reflect on the previous year.  Throughout 2009 I’ve witnessed some fantastic accomplishments.  My wife began selling NuttZo (an organic omega-3 multi-nut butter) on store…

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